Me And Donny (2015)


Better than that (2013)


2015 May 9th Comart Theater, Volketswil - CH
2014 Dec 29th Tanzwerk101, Zurich - CH
2014 Nov 28th Performance Art Fest Zurich - CH
2014 Nov 1st OST-freie Szene Stuttgart - DE
2014 Oct 28th CulturNight Festival Tilburg - NL
2014 Feb 15th Tanzhaus Zürich - CH
2013 Dec 5th DansBrabant/ Theater Tilburg - NL

‘Better than that’ is a study of the consequence of the insatiable need for beauty (outwardly and inwardly), and the result of the residence at dance-studio DansBrabant, the Nehterlands and a second residence at Tanzhaus Zürich, Switzerland. The solo is danced by Natalie Wagner.

“Ultimately, our desire to be different brings us to what we are least, not to be. Where identity always reference to be present, this desire develops an absence. It is a desire to disappear." (Bram Vreeswijk)


Seelenwald (2012/2013)



"SEELENWALD"  was Katja's final piece master of choreography and nominated as the only dance piece for the Fontys Entreeprijs 2013.

Tour (NL)

10 - 01 - 2013 Factorium Tilburg, Master examination presentation  and Première
24 - 05 - 2013 Theaters Tilburg
30 - 05 - 2013 Theater DE NWE Vorst
10 - 08 - 2013 Festival Boulevard, Verkade Fabirek
10 - 08 - 2013 Festival Boulevard, Verkade Fabriek 

SEELENWALD is a dark melancholic and poetic fairytale on a blurred line, between dream and reality, dead and alive with gentle tone of absurdness. The playground, a dark forrest, is a metaphor for the state of getting lost in our subconsciousness on the border between fear and joy. Seelenawald is a surround choreography system, the performance will take place alround the audiance. The audience will have the positionof invisible observers, like threes in a forrest, the witness of time. The viewer will meet different people and emotions, from close and far away at the same time, and chooses his own perspective. In addition, the audience doesn't just see the performers but also feel and hear them, like as; shuffling feet, breath, the wind of someone rushing by. Images of threes (or an abstraction of them) will be projected on all walls surrounding the audience. The light , inspired by the light in a real forest: light and dark at the same time, irregular and changing, as if the sun shines through the branches and leaves. The ligt level is obscure the viewer must sometimes strain to see something or somebody. Characters appear out of the darkness and disappear again in it. 


World In Between (2012)


A simple day (2012)



Walk with me (2010)


Choreography : Katja Grässli
Music composition: Jeroen Strijbos
Dance: Angelina Deck, Lisa Beese, Lucia Kikham, Aurelie Camille, Lena Visser
Produced by: Productiehuis Brabant (NL) 


2 Shows, 30 June 2010 Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch (NL)

Seeking for the essence of emotion in motion, Katja Grässli filtered in ' WALK WITH ME' the emotional charge of different music tracks and transformed that into her dance language.

Substantive 'WALK WITH ME' mirrors public space, and invites the audience and leads the audience into the inner worlds of various passers-by. The viewer is in the middle of the happening, in the middle of a square, and becomes the observer. Not only from a distance, but also very close, several characters come along, in different states of emotions. They stop, they continue, their paths intersect.

And the ever-present wind, a wind quadraphonic composition, unpredictable loud and quiet, which blows everything forward by the swirling air.


NiesoloSeiN (2008)


Concept : Katja Grässli + Strijbos & Van Rijswijk
Choreography: Katja Grässli
Coaching: Merlijn Twaalfhoeven
Dance: Ulrike Dozsman, Batja ten Korntenaar, Sonja si Achmed, Stefanie Berndt, Sarah Bostoen
Acting: Bernd Neuzling, Patrick de Kort,Theresia und Walter Grässli
Production: Theater de NWE Vorst und BrAM



2008 Premiere Theater de NWE Vorst (NL)
2009 as a part of Dance Night 2009 Tilburg ( NL)

NieSoloSeiN is not only dance theater but also a unpredictable system that melts all limits we are used to. Nothing is as expected. The show begins before its official beginning. The noise from the audience waiting in the foyer will be deformed on a subtle and mysterious way. Places like stand and stage will change unpredictable their function during the performance. The audience is no more just audience.

The atmosphere switches unprepared: the light operates as a switch between image and music; the image disappears and leaves the audience suddenly in the noisy darkness behind. Situations that took place previously will return later with an absurd meaning. Beautiful gets ugly and ugly becomes beautiful.

The public become slowly but surely a part of a lucid dream with a peculiar logic in which aesthetics and humor are present.




"0" (2003)